DIGIIROBE or Digital Intelligent Wardrobe is a smart IoT device crafted to manage your fashion gear or other items in your house by leveraging machine learning.

Notable features:

  • Simple plug and playdevice
  • Lightweight andportable
  • Use with any electricaloutlet
  • Track and Monitor items within a selectedarea
  • Check temperature, humidity, and motion near thedevice


There are many wardrobe assistant solutions out there. But ours is different.

Want to see how our Digital Intelligent Wardrobe works? Read further.

Data collection 

The system gathers your activity data consolidated by the DIGIIROBE hardware and feeds it into a machine learning and algorithm program.

Personality and individual habit study

Once the data gathered by the DIGIIROBE hardware is matched to your profile information from the application, our smart device studies your personality, preferences, and individual habits.

Daily personalized wardrobe suggestions

Your daily activity data, personality, preference, and habit will be matched with the latest Trends, Weather Forecast, and your Calendar Outlook after which DIGIIROBE will come up with daily personalized wardrobe suggestions for you.


Using DIGIIROBE is no rocket science. Follow the steps mentioned here to get your DIGIIROBE assistant working!

Setting up DIGIIROBE DIGIIROBE hardware

  • Unpack the DIGIIROBEbox
  • Take out the device and turn iton
  • Make sure you have an active Wi-ficonnection

DIGIIROBE software

  • Download the DIGIIROBE app for Android oriOS
  • Set up youraccount

Once you’re good to go, sync the DIGIIROBE device with the DIGIIROBE app on your smartphone.

Adding the information of your wardrobe items to the app Items with RFID tags

  • If the items in your wardrobe already have an RFID tag, you don’t need to do anything.Simply

arrange the items in your wardrobe, and the DIGIIROBE device will automatically scan them.

  • One by one, the device will add all the items to your
  • As soon as an item is added, you’ll get a notification asking you to
  • Just tap ‘Confirm,’ and the item will be added to your

Items without RFID tags

No RFID tags on your items? Don’t get hassled; we have a readymade solution for you.

Purchase our RFID tag and add the items manually.


Wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear? Now, you don’t need to spend hours fretting over what to wear or carry for a vacation. Your intelligent personal stylist knows exactly what you need. Don’t believe us? See yourself.

Here’re a few reasons why you need DIGIIROBE:

Your personal digital wardrobe assistant

Now you don’t need to be a celebrity to have a personal fashion stylist by your side.

A simple IoT device is here to become your 24x7 digital intelligent wardrobe manager.

Save time

No more wasting time standing in front of your wardrobe and glaring at your clothes. Preplan outfits and save time. Don’t keep your family waiting.

Bid Goodbye to Stress

Alleviate early morning stress by minimizing frustration and decision fatigue. Plan ahead of time. Get your daily personalized solution.

Leverage speed

Have to rush for a sudden business meeting or party?

Don’t worry; allow your digital intelligent wardrobe manager to ready your outfit.

Manage wardrobe items effectively

Based on the suggestions of your digital intelligent wardrobe manager, effectively manage clothing, accessories, footwear, and more that needs to be replaced or removed.

Track your budget

Check the statistic reports based on your wardrove activities and analyze your overall spending. Spending more? Cut down on fashion costs. Spending less? Pamper yourself with your favorite apparel. Check the overall monetary value of your wardrobe.

Get dressed according to the weather

Whether it’s a warm, sunny day, rainy and humid weather, or freezing cold outside, your digital intelligent wardrobe manager knows exactly what you should be wearing.

Travel smart

Planning a vacation? Great, your digital intelligent wardrobe manager will become your travel packing assistant too! Based on the duration of your vacation and the destination, your personal digital assistant will suggest compelling outfits for your holiday.

Keep your data safe

Worried about the safety of your data? Don’t be; your data is 100% secure with the device.

Enjoy precise outfit suggestions

From party perfect outfits, elegant outfits for corporate meetings, to beautiful styles for a wedding; your digital intelligent wardrobe manager will suggest professionally styled outfits personalized for you.


You’ve seen how DIGIIROBE works. You’ve seen the benefits of DIGIIROBE. Now let’s look at some exciting features of the Digital Intelligent Wardrobe.

Style your look

  • Plan your outfit of the day based on Live Weather Feed, Live Trend Feed, Updates from Celebrities, Brands and Fashion Bloggers, Your Habits, Your History of Outfit Preferences, Availability in the Wardrobe and a lot
  • Plan outfits months and weeks in advance using the Outfit
  • Share outfits with your friends and

Plan your travel

  • Pack clothes, accessories, footwear, and more based on the number of days, weather, destination.
  • Plan outfits based on events – marriage, party, formal gathering, and
  • Maintain a log of your items; make sure you don’t lose any while you’re holidaying at thebeach or relaxing on the mountains.

Manage your inventory

  • Track items to sell, items to remove, items to replenish, and
  • Locate your favorite items in the house and monitor
  • Assess the monetary value of your
  • Check the last usage details of your wardrobe


Got questions? We’ve got all the answers covered.

  1. What is DIGIIROBE? How does it work?
  2. DIGIIROBE is a Digital Intelligent Wardrobe. It is a smart, patent pending IoT device designed to effectively manage the items in your wardrobe or house. The device uses machine learning and algorithm program to collect data around your daily wardrobe activity, personality, preferences, and habits, and maps the collected data with Weather Forecasts, Latest Trends, and more, to come up with daily personalized outfit suggestions. Not only this, but DIGIIROBE also allows you to track the monetary value of your wardrobe, monitor items (items to sell, buy, replace, etc.), pack smartly for a vacation and do a lot more than you can even imagine. Please visit the ‘How it works’ section of the website for more information.
  3. How can I charge DIGIIROBE?
  4. It’s very easy to charge the DIGIIROBE device. All you need is an electrical outlet.
  5. Do I need installation assistance to set-up the device?
  6. No, not at all. You can easily install the device on your own. Please visit the ‘How to use’ section of

the website for detailed information.

  1. Is it a Digital Intelligent Wardrobe or Inventory Management System?
  2. DIGIIROBE is a combination of both. The smart wardrobe manager provides you with daily personalized outfit suggestions, while the DIGIIROBE app also allows you to manage your wardrobe items and monitor their location.
  3. Can I plan outfits months in advance?
  4. Yes, why not. The outfit planner allows you to plan your outfits days, weeks, and months in advance.
  5. Does the device come with a warranty?
  6. Yes, the device comes with X-year manufacturer warranty.
  7. Do I need to add my wardrobe items to my DIGIIROBE profile manually or will DIGIIROBE do it for me?
  8. If your wardrobe items have an RFID tag, DIGIIROBE will automatically detect them and add them to your profile one by one. All you’ll be required to do is confirm. In case our wardrobe items do not have an RFID tag, you’ll have to purchase one and add the items manually.


  1. Can I monitor my wardrobe while I am on a vacation?
  2. Do I always need to keep the device synced with my DIGIIROBE app?
  3. Can the DIGIIROBE device function without theapp?
  4. What if I do not have an active internetconnection?
  5. Does DIGIIROBE automatically detect a newly added item (with an RFID) tag?