Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump Review


Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump Review - All You Need to Know

https://www.amazon.com/Evenflo-Feeding-Hospital-Strength Advanced/dp/B00EVRT6LM/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top For many new moms, picking a breast pump is never on top of their to-do list during their pregnancy. While it’s true that it can pay to wait for a little before you buy breast pumps after your baby’s birth, it’s important to be prepared and familiarize yourself with the types of breast pumps on the market. However, once your baby is here and you have a clear picture of your breastfeeding situation, you’ll know your requirements better. Every new mom and their baby have different requirements, and these requirements can change in due course.

Breast pumps can be indispensable for new moms in a variety of scenarios - your baby cannot breastfeed physically due to some reason, you’re joining work but want to continue breastfeeding even when you’re not around, or you’re a frequent business traveler. A breastpump can also help you during the initial few days of giving birth when the breasts are full and tender, and your baby may struggle to latch on to them.

A breast pump allows you to store breast milk in a feeding bottle for later use and bottle-feed it to your infant or mix it with their cereal when they’re about six months old. In case you didn't know, you can even refrigerate breast milk for 24 hours or deep freeze it for three to five months. However, you should avoid putting stored breast milk on a shelf as it can break down, and its components may begin to change.

Evenflo Breast Pumps are recommended by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. And, Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump is a great, hospital-strength solution for new moms for every day pumping needs. You’ll learn more about the breast pump in the detailed review. In the Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump review, we’ll discuss each aspect of the product in detail. We’ll talk about its top-rated features, pros and cons, and everything you should know about the breast pump. If you want to make an informed investment, the Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump review can be a perfect read for you. Read on to know more.

Features to consider when looking for a breast pump

First things first, when choosing a breast pump, make sure you think about how and where you’ll be using the pump. If you’re looking for a breast pump for your workplace, you may want to buy something compact, portable, and quiet. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a breast pump for your home, there are several other factors that you can consider, such as:

Adapter and batteries If you’re pumping in a shopping complex or don’t have on-the-go access to an electrical outlet, you can choose a breast pump with runs on batteries or comes with an adapter that can attach to your car’s cigarette lighter. However, if you’re looking for a breast pump for home use, an electric breast pump would be an ideal choice.

Suction settings

All top-rated breast pumps mimic the natural nursing rhythm of a baby by automatically pumping in two modes - rapid mode, to stimulate a baby’s natural sucking for faster milk flow, and slower mode, to stimulate a baby’s strong sucking to produce more milk flow. Both modes together offer a completely natural breastfeeding experience with added comfort, greater breast milk production, and reduced pumping time. Brands such as Evenflo promote breast pumping which is closer to a baby’s natural suction pattern. Other brands on the market provide you with automated settings for the pumping rhythm, pumping speed, and suction. Instead of depending on preset controls, you can manipulate the settings using buttons.

Double pumping

If you pump regularly or at work, it would be a good idea to buy a hospital-strength or medium weight, automatic, personal-use pump. By pumping both breasts at once, you can finish a pumping session in 10-15 minutes. Double breast pumps are not only fast but also aid better milk production. Double pumping leads to an increase in prolactin levels, the milk-producing hormone. Even though single pumps are useful, they are unable to maintain continuous milk supply. So, you end up spending a lot more time on breast pumping than you typically do in the case of a double breast pump.


If you’re looking for a good-quality breast pump for daily use, choose a pump that comes with at least a six-month to a one-year warranty on the motor of the pump. Warranty is symbolic of durability and quality.

LCD and Memory Indicator

Some breast pumps on the market come with LCD screens and memory indicators that can be programmed to record your pumping patterns. This way you won’t have to reset the breast pump each time you’re using it.

Carrying bag

Whether you’re planning a vacation with your baby or a frequent traveler, a backpack, a shoulder bag, or a briefcase would be a good thing to have for carrying your breast pump. Most  breast pump models on the market come with black microfiber cases with shoulder straps.

Some breast pumps also come with detachable cooling compartments and pump motors so you can offload them and reduce the weight of the breast pump while traveling.

Insulated storage compartments

If you’ll be pumping on the go, look for a breast pump with insulated storage compartments to store the breast milk for later use. Also, make sure you carry some ice packs to keep the milk fresh and prevent break down.

Additional features

Additional features, such as breast pads and massagers, are always good to have. Both accessories help in reducing pain associated with lactation and prevent leakage. So, you may want to invest in a breast pump with these additional features than buying a basic one.

Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump Review - A detailed account

Designed with the expertise and support of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump has become one of the most widely used electric breast pumps among breastfeeding moms. With this hospital-grade double electric breast pump, you can personalize your pumping sessions with different combinations of speed and suction that can help in increasing the quantity and quality of milk produced.

The latest design of the Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump comes with a quiet motor which allows discreet pumping anywhere you go. The closed system design stops milk from flowing back into the breast pump’s motor assembly and tubes, preventing the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and viruses in the pump. The integrated bottle holders provide a great experience and you don’t need to hold the bottles while you’re pumping.

Another reason why breastfeeding moms are all praises for Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump is the ease of carrying and operating the breast pump. The product comes with multiple power options such as AA batteries, AC Adapter, and Evenflo Feeding Car Adapter. You can use the pump at home, in your car, at work, or wherever you want. If you shy away from breast pumping because of the discomfort associated with it, you’re in for some good news. With Evenflo, pumping never hurts. To reduce discomfort and help you increase milk expression, Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump comes with multiple, velvety soft flanges of different sizes. So, you can easily find a flange that fits your size and get rid of one size fits all flanges. If you’re unable to find the right size, you can check additional sizes sold separately. All in all, the slouch-free design and different flange sizes help you have extremely comfortable and productive pumping sessions. A shorter nipple tunnel and an elevated bottle-to flange angle allow a relaxed position during the pumping sessions.

Notable features of Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump

  • Custom controls for maximizing milk expression
  • PerfectlyPure, closed-design to prevent the backflow of milk and easy cleaning
  • Multiple power options - AA batteries, AC Adapter, and Evenflo Feeding Car Adapter
  • Flexibility to pump anywhere
  • AdvancedControl for personalized pumping sessions; comes with 32 settings for great


  • PerfectPosition design for slouch-free pumping
  • Multiple velvety-smooth flanges for utmost comfort during pumping
  • Advanced, hospital-strength breast pump
  • Comes with two 90-minute online breastfeeding and pumping training sessions by a leading expert, Shari Criso
  • Can be used as a double or single breast pump


  • Easy to carry and operate
  • Value for money
  • AdvancedControl technology more personalized settings
  • A closed clean pumping system
  • Rubber flanges of different sizes to suit everyone
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable to use for longer periods
  • Quiet motor for discreet pumping
  • Strong suction
  • Does not leak
  • Durable and good quality
  • Different power options for using anytime, anywhere


  • Suction is not powerful on lower settings of the breast pump
  • Suction is not powerful on battery mode
  • The breast pump is a little noisyWhat do parents have to say?

The average customer rating of Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump is 3.4 out of 5 stars. While reading customer reviews, our experts found out that new moms are simply loving the product.

However, some have mentioned that the suction power is low on battery mode and low settings, and the motor of the pump can be a little noisy at times.

Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump - What we really think

After thorough testing of the product, we feel that Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump is a great product for breastfeeding moms. It’s an all-in-one package. The breast pump is convenient to carry, easy to use, comfortable for prolonged pumping, and value for money. So, when you have some important work calling, you don’t need to keep your baby waiting for you.

The 32 settings for control and three different flange sizes make the breast pump suitable for different sized moms. And, the best thing is that you can use it with AA batteries, AC adapter, and Evenflo Feeding Car Adapter. You can use it on the go by simply switching from the plug-in mode to the battery powered mode. We simply loved the fact that the pump comes with two bottles for hassle-free pumping. You can maximize the speed without worrying about the suction hurting your nipples. It’s so customizable that it will have a perfect suction and speed combination for every breastfeeding mom out there.

The bottom line

Finally, everything trickles down to your requirements. Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump comes with flanges of different sizes to suit one and all. So, if you’re concerned about comfort, you can buy the product without any worries. However, if you’re looking for a breast pump with a powerful motor, you can consider Motif Duo or Spectra 9.

We hope you found Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump review helpful and would love to know if you have more questions about the product. Please feel free to post your queries and concerns in the comment section. Are you still confused about buying the best breast pump on the market? Check out our Ultimate Breast Pump Buying Guide to get your answers.